Assessments International Inc. (AI) is the global distributor for The PROFILOR® Family of 360 degree feedback instruments. 


In a world where talent determines results, identifying and developing talent is critical to achieving business success. AI helps companies achieve business results by providing access to leading assessments for identifying and developing talent, improving decision making, and unleashing potential. We partner with thought leaders, content creators, and industry recognized publishers to enable global delivery of high-quality assessments aligned with your talent initiatives and goals. These assessments, as a part of your talent and leadership development strategy, will strongly contribute to achieving your talent and organizational growth objectives.


Set your organization apart, reduce administrative complexity, simplify the user experience, and access all results with integrated assessment solutions from Assessments International. Access proven, standardized, assessments from leading publishers on AI’s Assessment Portal. Streamline administration, simplify workflows, and provide both administrators and participants a single point of entry for accessing assessments and reports. 

For more information about Assessments International, please visit assessmentsinternationalinc.com