The PROFILOR® for...

The Individual License Model offers the PROFILOR® Family of 360 instruments direct to the consumer (individuals). Fully automated, individuals can select a 360 instrument from The PROFILOR® Family, register, assign raters, complete surveys and receive their individual feedback report. Email notifications and reminders are system generated, a dashboard provides participants with access to their survey, rater response rates, and report access. The system automates individual development.

The price per instrument is $225.

To begin, simply click on the “PURCHASE THE PROFILOR®” button to begin the process.


For independent consultants and coaches within organizations, the Retail Coach approach provides access to The PROFILOR®  Family of 360 instruments in a workflow specifically designed to support coaching. Simply create a free account and begin using The PROFILOR®. Create your coach profile, select a PROFILOR®  instrument, register a participant, and pay with a credit card. Web-based tools allow you to monitor progress, request and securely access reports. Upon completion, reports are delivered to you for distribution to the participant.

The price per instrument is $225.

To begin, simply click on the “CREATE AN ACCOUNT" button to begin the process.


For Consulting Firms and Organizations the Organization License Model provides access to The PROFILOR® Family of 360 instruments. And for the first time, no certification is required! Simply request an account and begin using The PROFILOR® in your business. Incorporate your logo, access web-based administration tools to select a PROFILOR® instrument, create participant batches, register participants, monitor progress, and request reports. The PROFILOR® Family is available in global languages and research-based norms put results into context.

The price per instrument based on volume.

To begin, click on the “REQUEST AN ACCOUNT” button to get started.