To align and support the implementation of The PROFILOR®, we offer the following services.

Tailoring The PROFILOR®


The PROFILOR® is easily tailored to align with your company culture and can accept your competencies. We map The PROFILOR® items to your competency model – retaining translations, norms, and development suggestions. It is even possible to work across the standard PROFILOR® models to create unique 360 instruments.  


A Senior Consultant will facilitate a discussion with you to understand your organization context, review current model(s), competencies, and items. We will work with you to create a 360 model using The PROFILOR® competency library. The tailored 360 model will use the existing PROFILOR® model structure, available PROFILOR® content, and The PROFILOR® workflow including instructions, email notifications, and available survey and report templates. Also includes a 1-hour presentation of the 360 model for review, minor edits and approval.