The numbers tell the story…. hundreds of clients and tens of thousands of participants demonstrate that companies across the globe rely on The PROFILOR® to create insight and accelerate development.

Born out of a management skills profile 360 assessment, content for The PROFILOR® is grounded in research that asked, what competencies are most important for success in today’s business environment?

In order to identify the competencies most important for leadership success, and inclusion in The PROFILOR® 360 tools, the following process was utilized;

• A review of the management and psychology literature was conducted,

• A multi-pronged analysis on a large, global, 360 feedback database was carried out,

• Job analysis questionnaires along with hundreds of interviews with managers representing many  functional areas and most major industries was undertaken.

To enhance this initial research, and connect it with performance on the job, custom client 360 models were reviewed for common content themes, an analysis of Self and Manager importance ratings was performed, and competency and job performance ratings were longitudinally analyzed to prioritize, consolidate and identify the requisite PROFILOR® content. The identified competencies and associated items, were then validated for congruence, measurement consistency, and item content validity. Follow on focus groups were conducted to both confirm and explore additional competency areas important for success.


From this research, The PROFILOR® Family of 360 degree feedback instruments was created and continues to evolve. In use for over 20 years, The PROFILOR® competency framework serves as the foundation for individual and organizational development in thousands of companies and for tens of thousands of individuals each year.

Important research continues to this day, in fact, The PROFILOR® data is used by the HRD Research Colloquium Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy and Development at the University of Minnesota to do practical research on such topics as advancement, derailment and cultural differences. Since 2009 over 40 research studies have appeared in peer-reviewed journals.


As the nature of work continues to evolve, know that we are committed to ongoing research in the areas of leadership development and managerial performance. For more information on The PROFILOR® and to explore how we can support leadership development at your company, please contact us.